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Unlike many of the large property consultancies, we’re specialists.  We concentrate on our market so we can provide clear, independent and commercially-driven advice to our clients. In addition to the client services listed below, we are thought leaders in the property and housing sector, working regularly with organisations such as the RICS and London First to produce published materials on current and emerging issues.


We advise clients on site specific and policy level planning viability. Our commercial and innovative viability advice covers planning obligations placed on market sale, build-to-rent, shared-living, student and commercial schemes, helping balance the competing demands made on these sites.


Clarges Mayfair

Affordable Housing

We advise clients on a range of affordable housing matters, including policy, products, design, specification, value, funding and delivery.  We ensure S106 agreements are watertight and deliver what Clients intend. We also help clients manage the long-term implications of affordable housing.  DS2 have also assisted a number of property companies in setting up Registered Providers in conjunction with Homes England and Regulator of Social Housing.


We help clients to sell land, affordable housing planning obligations as part of S106 agreements and affordable housing stock. Our advice covers everything from an initial disposal strategy to managing post completion issues such as overage.

Television Centre

Ockford Park


We undertake Red Book valuations for clients seeking to acquire residential sites or stock.  This includes both private and affordable housing sites and completed homes.


On mixed use and office developments we advise on policy requirements for affordable workspace. Such employment space is required on a range of discounts and time periods and this emerging policy area can have a significant impact on the viability of projects. We are also engaged with a range of affordable workspace providers to understand their requirements enabling us to advise our clients appropriately and inform our planning viability and valuation work.

Expert Witness

We act as Expert Witness on development viability, valuation and affordable housing matters either at site specific or policy level. We have a well-established track record of acting for developers and land-owners, regardless of whether the need is for evidence in writing and/or in person.


We advise clients on the acquisition of residential sites and stock. It is our job to search for and identify the most appropriate opportunity for our clients; and negotiate and agree the ‘big deal’.

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